My Boss Would Fire Me

If He Read This

I’m the chief recruiter of M-Power Automotive Recruiting, LLC. It’s my first year anniversary and some people are still calling me a headhunter. That has some ugly connotations. Maybe I should drop the “chief” part.

Being called a “car guy” carries some of its own baggage. But a car guy headhunter? Some people might consider this a double-negative!

As a chief recruiter my value is having inside information from the job market and knowledge about openings that will never be announced or promoted. My goal is to match you with a job that best fits your skills and interests; a job that’s better than the one you have now. In the words of Hugh MacLeod, “Be the color the rest of the industry forgot…”

Let me be a catalyst for your career.

If you get that job, I get my fee. Plus I leave a trail of happy people (not heads) — you and my clients — whose voice of approval and testimonials are my source of fulfillment, my oxygen.

Right now, I have automotive clients in the Pacific Northwest, Northeast and Southeast, (like a big #7 on the face of the United States) all looking for top talent. They need people currently in the trenches, desking deals, managing teams, meeting or exceeding sales and CSI objectives and increasing market share. They want candidates that are “Plug & Play,” ready to hit the ground running; candidates with a solid track record, no big gaps in their resumes or baggage from previous employers. Yes. My clients want the perfect A-list candidate known in my industry as the Pink Unicorn.

Why not? Wouldn’t you if you were the hiring manager? The problem is most of these candidates are already happily engaged in full time work and are not actively looking for new positions.

But even Pink Unicorns toy with the possibility of greener pastures and if they’re poked with the right opportunity by someone they trust, they’ll consider leaping from their comfort zone and try something new, something that might supercharge their career.

That’s where I step in.

I want to make an honest buck like the next fellow. I have the relationships, the connections. And I get tremendous satisfaction from helping people find better jobs.

Are you a Pink Unicorn?

Are you ready for something better?


Take action now. Send me your resume and a cover letter. Let me know what you want to do, where you want to be. Let me work for you.

The truth is, I really don’t collect heads. I’m a car guy… in the transportation business. I help people get from where they are to where they want to be. Let me help you get there.

Hey there, I’m Michael, I’m a dad, writer, sales & marketing consultant, recruiter, life-long learner… oh and passionate Growler too. You can learn more about my services by visiting LinkedIn, and crawl into my stories right here on

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