The Privileged White Breastfeeding Woman.
Elizabeth Grattan

I completely agree that this is a necessary topic. There are so many ways that children benefit from breastfeeding and I support this unequivocally. That being said, I’m not sure I completely agreed with the tone of this article, but that’s my opinion and I support your right to communicate and vent your frustrations.

Do I enjoy this level of color-blindness and continued separation of people with different skin tones and backgrounds? No. I’m not in favor or any segregation of any kind. If something excludes people then I have questions.

I can empathize with both sides, where groups or events specifically targeting an individual race or gender are positive and can help galvanize an audience. I also understand why others would feel frustrated or excluded. It goes both ways. When you say something is specific to only on ethnicity you run the risk of being both inclusive and exclusive.

However, if these kinds of events can help foster change I’m willing to be patient. We don’t have to be happy with everything that we see, but we should be accepting that change takes time and respect.

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