Netflix is on F***ing Fire
Netflix is on F***ing Fire
James McNab

Except when it wasnt…

Til’ you invest a lot of months where the same old same old is on. Nothing but B-rated movies and the whole series of a few good shows you’ve watched… Dexter, House of Cards, Orange is the New Black… yeh so when I guess you look at it that wy, they have put out some new brand new goodness.

Weeds, Documentaries, some new Anime, classic your co-worker thought you might like, Attack of the titans, Deathnote. Those are a few that come time mind besides Lost, Breaking Bad, and all those classics you had just at the finger tips at her ever waiting disposal. Penguins of Madagascar, Ice Age and Frozen… man these kids have it good… well… so did we! Dumbo, Mikey Mouse, old school classic Saturday morning cartoon shows. Seems to carry you on.

But then you binge, netflix, chill with yourself… night after night, begins to dull, play Ps4, master your skills, reign them in. Try to find something to fall asleep to on Netflix, nothing looks good… for months and months.

You cancel your account… a couple months later is how you hear about How to make a Murderer. People are raving, word of mouth is spreading. All you hear is how people are binge watching, not wanting to hear spoilers cause their not that far yet. News feeds like “hey ______!!! You need to check this out! It’s amazing!

“You’d love this!”


CNN or some other news syndicate states, “an online petition to Obama has started across Social Networking site to pardon this gentleman…”

Don’t know the story, caught no spoilers… I’ll follow this though. You will either know and see this as well or just keep your Netflix canceled to hear this outcome.

Prison is over populated, how many others?!

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