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From personal experience, boredom is one thing, the value is yes another. It all more or less became a detached appeal…

I know it may sound strange, I didn’t make the cut to graduate personally with my class, rather I attended an alternate learning program because I was going through a lot of personal stuff on top of that (no I was nobodies baby daddy,) I maintained FT employeement, shared my aspirations and sought like hell to get out of a hole constantly. I knew material, it’s not as if I were not engaged it was as if I was searching for things to fill my passions with music.

I found music to be helpful growing up as well as its release as an artist. I might have Fallin in with a couple bad crowds but I have made the most amazing set of long term friends.

Bottom line, there are different sets of reasons, circumstances and big blessings to those who can overcome them. We didn’t slip through the cracks, we tried to survive at living. Living the dream to now just make ends meet, survive and hopefully get ahead or further along in our life.

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