Jeremiah 29:11 — “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope” —
How to deal with depression and anxiety.
jennifer berroya

God SPEAKS! Moves these mountains.

I journal, blog and constantly am trying to stay focused, making lists and setting goals for myself. Sometimes I’m on my game, sometimes I feel like the whole day is going to be wasted battling all that goes on inside my head, with me physically and letting these words drape across me. Putting God’s word inside as armour to meet the day.

This is the passage engraved on my journal. I too struggle and am triumphant in managing these diabilitating mental stages, it’s rough, sometimes I feel like the biggest failure and am at the end wondering which way is up, lost. Other times I’m on a extreme high celebrating life’s victories feeling I can accomplish anything and doing so well, I have a straight shot to having another victory, reaching another milestone or goal.

My life has turned into small projects, life management, health management, trying to fit into a routine that will reign and ring true in the New Year. I struggle, I dig myself in a pit. I win, I rise up knowing this : God has my best interest in mind, this I know to be true cause he spoke it to me. I heard him, he wrote it, he said it, his chosen know, his Agape Love is so vast! Yet, I feel unworthy, dirty and left out. My loneliness is only comforted by his words spoken. I search, I seek, try and open up my heart to receive, his grace, forgiveness and righteousness.

I battle, I win! Today is the day! The moment to rise and fight yet it’s more in my mind then through actions that I wish but actions that I do, to spur on. Fight the good fight! Triumph over sickness! I am not alone so that means we are not alone!

Who’s on that page? Can I get some good vibes? Some prayers? Other warriors on my side?

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