Thanks for writing this and sharing your personal experience.
Michael K. Red Earth

Adam Whybray asked, “…do you think it’s possible to take mescaline/DMT/psilocybin as a white European and it not be an act of cultural appropriation?”
My response is, “yes.” 
If the person facilitating the ceremony is not claiming to be someone they are not; i.e. a European-American who claims to be a shaman taught by [insert Indigenous Medicine person] and who only has a few years under their belt. Indigenous Medicine people seriously follow this path for decades. They walk the path with humility and desire to be in service to others with no expectation of financial return. Our society (European and American) moves at a breakneck pace and people have come to expect to be “experts” in a short amount of time. The path of medicine is not easy or quick.
If European’s are taking these drugs as part of a rave, EDM festival, or in a living room kicking it with some friends, then, that’s not ceremony so I can’t speak to this as it’s not cultural appropriation, it’s some European’s partying with some serious chemicals.