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If you have converted some Chinese Yuan from US Dollars and hoped for high yields in the past years, you may wonder, why you have lost so much when it is exchanged back today.

In the past few years, many of us have been speculating the next great depression would happen in China. So what is the trigger of the Chinese great depression? It is their own currency, the Chinese Yuan.

China Has Printed Way A Lot More Fiat Money Than US

The money supply of United States has increased by around 86%, or less than doubled, under the previous quantitative easing (QE) policy, and we have already believed the money…

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It was a bloodbath for cryptocurrencies last week, with total market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies plummeted to below USD200B again since last November. The bear trend can be traced back since the start of 2018, when both Bitcoin and Ethereum hit their all time highs, near to USD20,000 and USD1,400 respectively. The worse is, prices of many tokens have fallen by more than 90% from the peak.

Many of us have been desperate, some of the conservativists talked to us that “blockchain has no future”. But where is blockchain now? Has it been vanished and no longer worthed a single…

The global financial platform for cross-chain smart contracts, Wanchain, has raised 74,332 ETH in its crowdsale and its Silver-whitelist (39,251 ETH) was completed within 15 minutes. Its Founder, Jack Lu, has come to Hong Kong on 18 Dec to speak about Wanchain’s latest development in a Blockchain Hong Kong Meetup event organized by Blockchain Association of Hong Kong. The event response is overwhelming and the participants have interactive discussions with Jack.

In the meetup, Jack shared various use cases of Wanchain. As Wanchain supports cross-chain transactions between public chains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as easy integration with…

Michael Kwok

Project Lead DML, Blockchain Community and Startup.

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