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July 2, 2019 Photo: Reuters/Jorge Silva

As we enter the 6th month of protests, I’m tired of seeing nothing change or anyone from the government and protests creating or suggesting any substantial solutions. So this is my attempt at making sense of the situation while trying to find a way of how we can reach the end goal.

What bothered me recently…

We saw on November 11th, a police officer perhaps conducted one of the most disproportionate uses of force in the last 5 months of protests. In a video, it can be seen that a police officer shot three shots at two different protesters that resulted in them being seriously injured. It is true that one of the protesters tried to grab the officers gun, but it is also true that it was clearly not a proportional use of force. …

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Immanuel Kant like many other Western philosophers was not a fan of contradictions. In his moral worldview he was an absolutist.

“Act as if the maxim of your action were to become, by your will, a universal law of nature.”

This sounds logical, if you don’t like other people lying? You shouldn’t lie. You think that everyone in a team should be working hard and not slacking off? Then make sure you never contribute in terms of laziness. But we know that this is not true for the reality we live in, we indulge in laziness and lie to those around us. We as humans aren’t always logical, more often than not we are emotional. …


Michael Kwok

Aspiring Entrepreneur, Casual Writer but mainly trying hard to “Adult” as a Gen Z.

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