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We meet , she’s currently in charge of the Innovation Department of Whole Bank. She’s been helping her CEO migrate from a traditional bank to a more technological and user-friendly company.

Whole Bank started operations in , a small town in Massachusetts, United States. Their goal was to offer a different way to save and manage money by giving customers innovative options such as virtual currencies.

What’s the problem of whole bank?

The actually bank customers use a classic system of payment, cash or debit/credit cards and keep an eye on their budget with the whole bank mobile application.


Who is the audience?

For start, We need some research for understand, who is the average customer of the Whole bank.

Framingham is a city in the Commonwealth of Massachusett, near Boston, in the united States. The city proper covers 25 square miles (65 km2) with a population of 72,032 in 2017, making it the 14th most populous municipality in Massachusetts.

The overall median age is 38.4 years, 37.8 years for males, and 39.1 years for females. 27,36% of population are Bachelors Degree (13,585), The average earning is 44 163 $ (Male 53,272$, Female 36,427$). People married are Owner for 74,4% and the singles are Renter for 63,5%.

Who are the client’s competition?

There is a lot of choice on the banking market, India has seen a phenomenal increase in the number of digital wallets, in europe we have serious competitor’s too. We shall concentrate this study on existing digital systems which offers a real solution for the travelling customers.

The digital wallet or digital bank

These banks 2.0 or Wallet propose to create easily an account with mobile number and use it everywhere in the world. All the informations of your Account, Notifications, Historics, etc… and security are included.

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Revolut is a account exclusively when you are abroad. The digital app generate a virtual card, you can also order a physical card, and pay everywhere in the world with no fee. You can make money exchange or transfer in live.

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N26 is a german digital bank. The digital app generate a virtual card which use NFC system. You can also make money exchange or transfer in live.

The NFC System

The NFC system propose to pay all your shopping in store with your mobile, not need for credit card, this system works with many banks.

Google Pay, Apple Pay or Samsung Pay are the most commonly used. This is not a bank account, so you need to registred your crédit card that your personnal bank generates to gain access to NFC.

What’s the tone/feeling?


This researchs allow me to adjust the questions and determine my target profiles. We do not take into account the non-effective debit/credit system in France but which I think is a major problem for the American customer.




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The mobile application of the whole bank evolves and its offer also, the creation of a travel account will erase the problems linking to the American system. The customer will could manage his budget with security of a physical card giving the opportunity to pay or withdraw money at any time. The NFC system is an additional option if the whole bank wants to create a partnership with Google and Apple.

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In this exercise, I tried to respect the process of design thinking, I feel
I have done a lot of research for a result that remains in draft state. Of course the brainstorming did not take place, no time to reunite Friends and play with post-its. But I am curious to see how we manages this methodology in real situation. What do you think, Bruce ?

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