Life is But a Dream & That Dream is a Lie

If you’re currently struggling to “live your dreams” or feel depressed because you don’t think you can accomplish your dreams, this message is for you.

Stop. Your dreams are a lie and you’re a fool if you think you have any control over them. Now before you dismiss this as jaded bitterness, let me explain.

Living for the dream is like being addicted to a drug. Because once you get a taste, and experience something you’ve always dreamt about for the first time, you’re hooked. Every moment of your life becomes dedicated to feel that feeling again. It can make you make stupid choices, form bad habits, and get you attached to the wrong people. It’s all worth it, though. All the struggles. The pain. The anguish. It’s all worth it when you get to feel that intense joy again, when all the time and work gets validated in a single moment, that perfect moment.

It’s winning the Oscar, or getting that big promotion, that feeling when you open the doors to your business for the first time, or when you get the chance to say, “I do”. It’s awesome. It’s amazing. In that moment life is perfect, but a moment can’t last forever. Once the euphoria washes away, it’s back to life, back to the grind for that next hit. It doesn’t matter what the dream is, again the dream is a lie. It’s the feeling attached to the dream that we crave. It’s the unbridled joy we want coursing through our veins.

Whether it’s creating a family, building a business, achieving an artistic or financial goal, or simply just being able to be the real you, when we accomplish something we predetermined we wanted that level of joy is immeasurable. That joy gives us purpose. Motivates us through life, and helps us deal with the bullshit we encounter every day.

But when you choose to dedicate your life to creating these moments you become an addict. Like any drug, if you go too long without a fix you start to break apart. You become irritable, life begins to lose meaning, you disconnect yourself from anyone that can’t help you accomplish what you need. You look at others who’ve accomplished what you want with envious eyes. It can turn you bitter, or smother you in despair. Make you lose hope, and sometimes, when you think you’ll never feel it again, it can be a reason to end your life.

The worst part about the Dream is that we create it for ourselves. We assemble all the pieces in our heads. The perfect wedding. The perfect job. The perfect moment. The perfect life. And if it’s not exactly like you imagined it, it ruins all the other moments. The thing is your Dream is always changing. For every accomplishment you make, the more detailed your Dream becomes. At some point your Dream becomes so detailed that it consumes you and you can’t even appreciate simple joys anymore. In fact, you start denying yourself the simple joys believing it’s what’s keeping you from what you really want. You start making yourself feel guilty for relaxing or needing alone time. Cause you can’t enjoy life until you have it all or at least figured it all out.

So stop living for the Dream. Stop living for the extreme moments of success and joy. Feel free to work towards your dreams. To learn, struggle, and grow for all your wishes and desires. Let the Dream be what you do, but what you live for should something else. Something much simpler. If joy is the feeling you crave then you just need to live for a smile.

And I don’t mean start walking around smiling all the time like an idiot. If you’ve been working towards your dreams then you likely already have many things to smile about, it just might not be the way you dreamed it would be. Whether it’d be a loved one, a pet, a full fridge, or just the fact that you get to breathe another day, we all have something to smile about. If you don’t believe you do then do something about it. Write a song, eat that cupcake, change your life, or just simply make someone else smile. Joy can come from the simplest things you just have to stop overthinking it and trying to control how it manifests. It may not be as intense as accomplishing a dream moment, but those moments will come eventually as long as you’re willing to work for it. The idea, however, that you can’t enjoy your life unless it is a certain way is a lie that you’re telling yourself. A lie that makes you miserable.

No matter what you choose to do, or why you choose to do it, life is going to be hard. Every person is going to face his or her own struggles and challenges, and yeah, the more you want the harder life will be.

Life may be hard, but it doesn’t need to be so complicated. Whatever your dream is, it isn’t as important as the emotional quality of your life. Because even if you ever do accomplish everything you’ve ever dreamed, there would still be the rest of life you’d have to live. So there’s no reason to not enjoy this day regardless of whether your anywhere closer to the life you want to be living.

So row, row, row your boat, gently, down the stream.

For life itself is just a dream.

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