No, Tax Policy Did Not Cause Income Inequality
Alex Muresianu

I used to be a conservative. The problem is that conservatism is fundamentally ignorant of economics. You’re still using Milton Friedman’s false belief that consumers are rational. We know from behavioral economics that they are not. So relying on market forces ignores the reality of irrational exuberance.

Conservatism is fundamentally dishonest. The Affordable Care Act was originally a conservative idea, then when Democrats picked it up, it became the greatest evil known to mankind. Paul Ryan once praised portable health coverage. Conservatives will abandon their principles for power. Conservative oversaw the largest expanse of government in modern times: Department of Homeland Security and the Medicaid Prescript Drug Benefit.

The problem with the economy is that everything is stacked against the poor and stacked for the rich. The rich take no risk. In 2007, incompetent bankers and financiers were bailed out with taxpayer money and still got their bonuses. We were fired en masse. Those same bankers and financiers and their shills in corporate media told us that we were where we were because we made bad choices. The rich make bad choices and they declare bankruptcy six times (Donald Trump) while we can’t even bankrupt our student loan debts. That douche-bag Jim Cramer makes a comment about AOC but he was the fraud who was telling people to buy as the economy was tanking in 2007.

The rich can come and go between countries as they please, we are stuck here — walled in by bureaucracy and a system that rewards who you were born to over merit. If conservatives really believed their own crap they would promote open borders, but they don’t. They would enforce anti-trust laws so that everyone has to compete and not us.

Finally, you compared Singapore, which is a tiny city-state with the US? Health care markets work for elective surgeries, and how is your Singapore model going to work in North Dakota where there is ZERO competition unless you want to drive two hours to see a doctor.

Each year, conservatives murder 40,000 Americans by clinging to the delusion that universal health care is some great evil.