5pm London Underground

Taking the underground today at 5pm was crazy, so many people! Most in a bad mood from a long day at work. No one really looking each other in the eye let alone talking to each other.

Being part of this madness once every month or so isn’t too bad, but I could see how after day in and day out going though this routine you would become use to being so cut off and alone yet around so many people.

I know that most people don’t want to be this way, we are social animals with an awesome and unique story to tell. But society has somehow programmed us to not interact socially under these circumstances. It’s sad really because there are so many different stories that could be told and so many lessons that could be learnt.

As I stand here fighting to keep my balance and wondering why I’m not the change I want to see and strike up a conversation with someone. I can’t seem to figure out why I don’t.

Maybe I feel like I don’t have the skills to hold a conversation with a stranger on the train. Or maybe I’m scared they’ll ask what do you do. I don’t have a great answer for that yet.

I am however on my way to a “pitch off” to try and learn these skills. It’s a competition where entrepreneurs go and pitch their ideas and the best one wins!

So always be learning and trying new things. It’s the only way that we’ll grow and change. Who knows you might even meet a cool guy like Jacob I just talked to. He’s on his way home from a long day of financial work, whatever that means. But at least we started the conversation

Originally published at www.larocquelife.com.

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