The unconscious mind is what marketing should be about — the emotional Review

Big Disclaimer: If you came here to read an analytical review of the CXL Institute Program, summarizing all the courses and copy-pasting the key points of each course, you came to the wrong series. Here you will find some crazy thoughts on the material I read, dimmed in my poetic expressionism and sometimes arrogance. (Often, I am being a smart ass, it’s a Leo thing.)

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It’s been a long time, since the last part of this series. It seems like I was pretty absent. Well, I was. My emotions and thoughts pushed me away, and I had great excuses in my mind to distract myself from even writing this article. (which is, you know, what pays my scholarship?!)

September is the month that I am experiencing my thoughts and emotions with mindfulness, gratitude, clarity. Everything I do, I am aware of, and do it 100%. I came up through Brooke Castillo’s Self Coaching Model, which basically is a tool that helps you do thought work and change the thoughts that don’t cause the results you want. Instead, you create new thoughts and test them on this model, until you get the appropriate results you wish. Easy, right? The components of this model are 5: the Circumstance (what’s real), the Thought (what’s not real), the Feeling (the specific emotion caused by the thought), the Action (what you do while the emotion triggers), and the Result (what you have left with afterward).

Basically, I became so pro with it... I even had the best sex of my life this week, did things that couldn’t even think of. But because my ascendant is Sagittarius, I had NO prioritization this week! Instead, because of the powerful thought work, I was mindless and found more excuses like “Okay, now I am experiencing the other person (so it’s okay that I didn’t write anything for my article yet)”.

We are more slaves to our biology than we realize

People are all kinds of things — and science hasn’t figured us out yet. Even neuroscientists fight with each other all the time for what theory applies the best to humans. I think this was the most appropriate week for this to happen to me, because after that, reading all this week about Neuromarketing, Neuroscience, Psychology, Persuasion and so much about people, I figured out that we are so amazing.

Over 90% of our behavior is generated outside consciousness, and a huge amount of the conscious behavior is emotion-driven! Imagine what can we do if we are aware of only the conscious emotion-driven part. We are in the era of the intellectual revolution.

“Just as Galileo removed the earth from the center of the universe, the current revolution removes the conscious mind from the center of human behavior”

I am not Lisa Feldman, nor Robert Sapolsky. I have though studied both, but I would rather not talk so much about how humans behave and all these theories. Instead, I can share my experiences, and explain how this can be applied to CRO, which means, how this can make people say YES.

Most marketing and sales money is wasted

How much of our customer’s brains are we marketing to? Do we sell for the conscious or the unconscious part of the brain? Persuasion is not always the key. And you know what, I am enough of all these Jane Austen philosophies, new wave Cialdini methodologies.

Non-conscious always costs less

Most successful companies know that, and they sell their stuff based on the unconscious. And some do it pretty well. That’s why their rates convert so fast, in so less time. What can you do, if you don’t want to read about all this stuff or take the courses? Just, google “Google” for example, or some famous company. Take a look at their ads and think about how that interacts with your unconscious mind? Even the verb “google” by itself, is something that has reached our unconscious mind. When we surf on the web, we don’t say “type xyz”, we say “google it”.

Old is gold used correctly, otherwise, it’s gilt

There’s 3 F’s that our brain is concerned with. Food, Fight or Flight and Fornication. It’s what the Old Brain wants. We want to eat, have sex, travel, sometimes sleep, experience others. It’s a force.

“The default choice is the minimum friction choice and will almost always produce more of what you want.”

Thought working is a great way of experiencing these F’s 100%! I did that. Was it good? Hell yes! Productive? Hell no! At this point, I am not trying to say that you shouldn’t do thought working. It could be both productive and great, whether I had finished all my stuff. And let’s be honest, A LOT of people have unfinished business. You are not here to help them finish that unless your business does that. You have to be that CLEAR, PRISTINE, MINDFUL thing that will let them experience your business 100%. And remember, you only have 2 seconds to do that! Do some courses, get prepared, do your homework with the CXL Institute, pop me up a DM, and we can discuss all that further.

Just because there is a similarity, doesn’t mean there is a pattern.

Even A/B Testing sometimes doesn’t work well. Just because you think you see a trend, doesn’t mean there is one, or it is something of high significance. You start looking for that trend, ignoring other, often more valuable nuggets of information. ACTUALLY, that’s what your marketing should do to your AUDIENCE. Instead, you fell into the trap and do it to yourself.

Being aware of emotions and thoughts is something very powerful, and some take advantage of it. Have you ever heard of an Emotion SWOT? I am an undergrad in Spatial Planning, and I use quite frequently the SWOT methodology, but never for emotions. You can test this for your company, for your personal life. Just be creative and open in experiencing the unconscious mind, and then the magick will trigger!



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