Tribespot 01 — Multi-interviews and New Team Members!

Michael Liang
3 min readMay 5, 2019


EDIT (17/09/2019): Our old name was Project Malin until September 2019.



My last name doesn’t have an “h” — Andrew Antony

To keep our current and prospective customers up to date, I’m going to be periodically writing quick product updates on our journey at Project Malin and what has been prioritised in the next couple of months. When these posts stop that’s probably when the startup or I have died ;(

What’s new

New team members

I’m so fucking happy for these 3 people who have jumped onto the team to help out ❤ :


There’s nothing more precious than good people spending time with you.

Multiple Interviews

You can now host up to 3 individual interviews for each applicant.

For example, Tommy applies to Society A and has 3 role preferences which are: IT, Marketing, Human Resources can now have up to 3 interviews for each of his preferences.

Mark for different portfolios

You can access these extra features by changing your drive type to “Multiple Interviews” in the “Drive Settings” tab.

Drive settings

Customise the number of people in any slot

Every single one of your interview slots can now have unique maximum interviewee numbers.

For those special portfolios that don’t want to do group or 1:1 interviews!

Individually customise slot max


Trouble finding specific applications? The new search bar lets you find any application you want in instantly and in real time (it searches as you type — it’s really fucking cool).

What’s coming up

Make the marking interface not shit

We’ve heard you and we know that the marking interface has a lot of room for improvement. We’re working hard on it now and want to bring out something awesome for you soon.

In the meantime, if you require more advanced functionality than what the software can currently provide, you can always export to Excel.

Help HR directors set up their interview slots

We want to help HR directors handle the process of finding interviewer availabilities and setting up the interview slots.

We’re exploring ways to do this so if you’re a society exec — get in touch!

An easier way to add tons of interview slots

We know that it’s very manual to input all of your booked interview slots into Project Malin. We gonna fix this!

If you have any ideas for improvement or are interested in the software, drop a comment below or shoot me a message - I'd love to hear from you! You can reach out to me on LinkedIn.

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