Tribespot 02 — Interviewer availabilities and blind marking

Michael Liang
3 min readAug 31, 2019


EDIT (17/09/2019): Our old name was Project Malin until September 2019.



Welcome to a bunch of new users (USYD SUBS, UNSW Capital W, UNSW UMCG, GCG Melbourne and GCG Monash) and some awesome new features in the app!

And thank you for the continued support/feedback and dealing with my shit from our current users without which we wouldn’t be where we are at today!

What’s new

1. Organise Interviewer Availabilities

Project Malin now helps you gather and organise your interviewer availabilities into one place and assign them next to the interview slots they’re free to interview! You can also export the interview schedules for your whole team to be aligned. Big thank you to Andrew for working so hard on this!

2. Blind marking

Project Malin now lets you enforce true blind marking by replacing all applicant names with their application number.

3. Interview notes

A hotly requested feature for a long time. Project Malin now enables you to store interview notes for all your interviews! Time to delete your massive Google Drive folders.

4. No interviews

For societies that don’t do interviews, you don’t have to anymore! You can push applicants straight to the offer stage after the written application now with the “No Interviews” drive setting.

5. Donation-based pricing

For student organisations who have less than 50 applications per recruitment drive, we know money might be an issue so we’ve released donation-based pricing. Just pay $1+ per semester/trimester and you’ll have access to all of Project Malin!

What’s coming

1. New name

We’re changing our name to stop our good friend and fellow team member Malin Wijesuriya from being memed too hard and having to cry himself to sleep. We’re naming ourselves Tribespot!

2. New marking interface

Sneak peak into the new marking interface that Venkatesh has been working on for a while now!

3. Dynamic application forms?

Something that has been hotly requested and we’re considering is building application questions into your forms that change based off what role you apply for!

We are actively expanding beyond UNSW and Sydney. If you are interested in learning more, shoot me a message — I’d love to hear from you! You can reach out to me on LinkedIn.

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