Tribespot: Available for everyone!

EDIT (17/09/2019): Our old name was Project Malin until September 2019.



For the uninitiated, Project Malin is recruiting software built for student societies. We want to streamline as much of your subcommittee, consultant or director recruitment process for leadership positions as possible!

I’m ecstatic to announce that I’m making Project Malin available for everyone in trimesters/semester 1 2019 and I want to give all societies that join before the 28th of February a lifetime early adopter discount at a $29/year subscription!

I’m building Project Malin because I believed that recruiting for student subcommittees/directors/anything is WAY too difficult and there is no good reason why it has to be. The hours of marking, repetitive emailing and sleepless nights that every Director goes through in the first and last 3 weeks of every year are so completely unjustified and —perhaps out of my own stubbornness — solvable!

In my 3 years at UNSW BSOC, like you, we did all recruiting in Google Sheets, Google Forms and Gmail and I was hitting my head against the wall because we lacked the tools we needed to mark and set up interviews for your applicants efficiently and without fuck-ups.

Manually sending out email templates took hours and interview scheduling took days. Ridiculous but we had no other choice — going faster meant you were destined to screw up.

And “screwing up” is really bad — telling someone who thinks they got the role that they didn’t actually is extremely awkward

u hit me with that bullshit

If you’re curious to learn more about Project Malin and think we might be able to help, give it a test run and let’s chat via Email, Facebook or LinkedIn, I’d love to hear what you think.

Everything we do is also extremely agile so if Project Malin isn’t quite there yet, let me know what your society needs and we will build it for you. Chances are the features you want have been requested before and are already in development!

Test the app here :)

For those that don’t know me, my name is Michael Liang, most actively involved at uni as the ex Vice President Internal of the UNSW Business Society (BSOC) 2017 where I spent 3 years involved in some way with society recruiting. I’ve done a bit in the student organisation space having also loosely been involved with Global Consulting Group (GCG), UNSW BusinessOne and UNSW Marketing Society through my happy years at university (one more semester to go!).

You can find out more about me here if that’s what you’re into.

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