Project Malin: Looking for Society Testers!

EDIT (17/09/2019): Our old name was Project Malin until September 2019.



It’s 9PM and crickets are chirping on a Monday night and I’m bunkering down at ASB111, the UNSW Business Society’s unofficial HQ at the Business School, marking 107 written applications for the coveted 2017 directorship roles. Expected to take another two hours before another couple of hours of emailing everyone their confirmations, it looks like it’ll be a late one.

It hits 12.30AM and I finally mark all apps and I start sending out 52 emails exactly like this, each unique with individual parameters, inputted and to be sent painstakingly one at a time like this:

Example of an interview confirmation email

As I’m alt-tabbing between 3 separate applications for the data I need, I feel my brain cells atrophy from the mindless time consuming task.

Three hours later, I send the last email out at 2AM Tuesday morning, I breathe a sigh of relief and I finally start heading home.

I’m recruiting for only 5 roles and it took me over 6 hours — imagine what it’s like to bring in the 50+ subcommittee positions that most societies go through every single year.

Driving down the motorway back home I review the events of the day and I hit a eureka moment — “Hang on, what if I automate all of this?”

3AM me should be concentrating on the road

This is Project Malin — software that removes the painfully manual recruitment processes that take days and weeks out of student’s lives.

Fast forward to 2018 — My amazing IS capstone group (Jenny Chu, Julian Tang, Shawn Noronha, Felix Chow) and Malin Wijesuriya create an MVP of Project Malin, software built by and for university societies to automate annual leadership recruitment, over 6 months of intense development.

This is what we have now:

Login (click to enlarge)
All your ongoing and past recruitment drives (click to enlarge)
This is how you mark your applications now! (Click to enlarge)

July 2018 — We successfully ran the recruitment backend for the Australian Undergraduate Business Case Competition (thank you to Catherine Hu for the opportunity!) as a pilot and now I’m looking for more societies to alpha test and help shape the software!

ASK: If you manage a society that is running any sort of recruitment before February 2019. I want to help you! Please reach out to me at or ping me on Facebook or LinkedIn.

For those curious, you can take a peek here — Project Malin.

You’ll get in with:


Password: Tommy

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