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Project Malin: Launch Expression of Interests

Michael Liang
3 min readDec 2, 2018


EDIT (17/09/2019): Our old name was Project Malin until September 2019.



BIG SHOUT OUT to the testers — UNSW Business Society (Amy Sun), Global Consulting Group (Samantha Chung), UNSW BITSA (Jeff Yan), UNSW WIT (Geneve Estrada) and the UNSW Marketing Society (Malin Wijesuriya) — who’ve taken a gamble on me in the last couple of months to help improve Project Malin! Our software couldn’t be where it is today without your support and feedback.

We’re now hitting version 3 of the project with an awesome roadmap planned for a hard launch of the app in January 2019 before Tri/Semester 1 recruitment!

If you don’t know what Project Malin is, you can quickly get up to speed on my previous Medium post or watch this video.

TLDR: Project Malin is launching in January 2019. To express interest and get pre-access, sign up at

Product Update:

  1. Your applicants now select their own interview slots — no more painful manual allocation!

Applicants will receive an email letting them pick their own interview slot. You have the ability to set max numbers for each slot so your 1 on 1’s stay as just that.

Applicants select their own interview slots

2. Build your own form + your applicants can now upload attachments!

You can now generate unique application forms for each recruitment drive that you’re running — see an example.

Project Malin form generator

3. You can now notify your applicants post-interview who do and don’t receive an offer from you!

Post interview notifications at Project Malin

Roadmap for January

  1. New user interface

We have Belle Cao joining the team to fix my hack-ey design to bring you a much smoother UI experience!

Mackenzie Alexander also joined as dev support to help build everything!

2. Assigning interviewers to interview slots + managing the interviewers!

A heavily requested feature — we’ll seek to implement the ability to assign interviewers/portfolios to interview slots so that we can show applicants only the relevant slots to them.

3. Defined pricing

Thinking a flat $29 annually for smaller societies and $49 for larger societies — thoughts? I’m very open to changing this!


  1. Watch me sweat on camera and sign your society at when Project Malin releases in January 2019.
  2. I want to hear feedback from you via Facebook or email — especially negative! If you want to help guide the project or you have an awesome idea for a new feature for your society, let’s chat! :)