Tribespot 03 — Project Malin dies, Tribespot is born!

Michael Liang
3 min readOct 27, 2019


Quick update from a coffee shop (大隐书局) in Shanghai before most societies wrap up their AGMs and begin with their final recruitments for the year!

What’s new

  • Rebrand!

After going through literally hundreds of name ideas, we’ve settled on Tribespot. We hope you like it and thanks to Sharron Chen for designing the logo!

The reason: We thought that it was about time we remove the “Project” tag and begin to increasingly legitimise the startup as we now expand beyond Sydney.

The real reason: Our good friend and team member Malin Wijesuriya was getting memed too hard and to spare his feelings we changed.

Side note: Tribespot is จุดชนเผ่า (Joot Chon Phao) in Thai and word on the street sounds really dumb but we’re going to work with this for now. New Thai name tbc.

  • Dynamic forms

We’ve just implemented dynamic forms into Tribespot. Dynamic form is the ability to assign questions to specific roles so that they only show if an applicant has specifically selected the role as one of their preference roles.

For example, The question “Please share the biggest challenge you’ve had working with a creative team.” can be configured to only show for applicants that apply to your creatively focused roles (e.g. Marketing/Design!).

You can find this feature in Step 1. Build Application Form
  • Various security improvements

We’ve implemented various security improvements throughout the app to improve the safety of the data that our societies and their applicants trust with us. Big thank you to Andrew Antony for taking the lead on this and continuing to make this better for our clients.

What’s coming

  • Free for student societies

We’re working on a couple of ideas to make Tribespot free for all societies so that pricing is never going to be a barrier to painless recruitment ever! If you want to work with us to make this happen, shoot Michael Liang a message! Our vision is for all student societies to never have to touch G Suite ever again to manage their annual role recruitments. More to come on this as this progresses!

  • More security improvements

We’ve received a great security review and will be continuing to action on the items to make sure the application is secure and safe for our societies and student applications to use.

  • Updated marking interface

In the works for a while but we hope to get it out soon. We hope this change will make it easier to handle application marking within Tribespot. Our vision is that no society ever has to use another Google Sheet for application marking again.

Curious about Tribespot? Email us at!