The greatest thing about climate is CHANGE

As long as I can remember environmentalism was a great cause, but the “marketing” was always in the direction of doom and gloom. That strategy of fear, guilt and shame would hardly make me join the club. The biological explanation could be that the human brain is built to respond to four kinds of threats: intentional, immoral, imminent, and instantaneous. What a bummer that climate change is none of these 4.

We constantly live in the doom and gloom cloud, thanks to media’s skewed way of picturing our world. As media portrays current events, it tends to forget to provide us with the entire picture. The future is better than you think. Because, despite that we have a faulty system in many areas, war, poverty, financial crisis, climate change etc, we are actually moving up a couple of levels. Where media will use the lens of problems to capture the world others choose the lens of opportunities. “Thanks to” climate change, there have never been as many opportunities up for grab than right now.

Most science around climate change provides us with facts, and facts are good. They are actually great because these facts surface problems. However they don’t provide solutions. This is where the creative community comes in. Climate change merged with innovation is the common grounds and hotspot for the entrepreneurs of our time. Change in climate is simply the operating space for new business models, untapped mega markets with citizens waiting to become customers or create partnerships.

A person like Elon Musk (Tesla) gets this, why he is changing the core building blocks of how we power our vehicles. On a grander level he is strategically innovating the entire system for energy by laying the foundation for renewable energy to scale from cars to households. Following this simple notion are e.g countries like the Netherlands, Norway and Austria who are pushing forward legislation to ban the sales of petrol driven cars by 2025. The way we are affecting the climate, polluting our fresh water, it becomes clear which areas are ripe to innovative. Another inspiring example is entrepreneur Manoj Bhargava, who founded the company and the Billion in Change movement (2015). The purpose is to create and implement solutions to the most basic global problems — water, energy and health. With close to a billion people on the plant lacking safe and clean water Manoj’s Rain Maker machine could aid this situation. The machine is successfully able to convert salt water to fresh water. The machine is built in small units, which means it can practically be set up anywhere in the world at a feasible cost.

In 10 years time we will look back at initiatives like Tesla and Billion in change and see how they paved the way for other initiatives operating in the space of climate change. This space is crucial for two reasons. Firstly we will raise human and planetary welfare by leveraging the opportunities within climate change. Secondly, leveraging the opportunities in climate change will move citizens away from the era where trash and pollution was the way for media to portray our reality. The future is better than you think and it is happening right now.