React uses JIT compilation which also goes native but, as mentioned requires transitioning from and to the JavaScript bridge.

And if you’d read the article for comprehension (or at all), you’d note that section was talking about native components and interface elements.

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A series of articles on SwiftUI application development

SwiftUI was introduced just one year ago at WWDC 19 and launched with iOS 13. In that short period of time SwiftUI has generated a ton of interest, a bit of controversy, and a lot of articles. Including my own.

I’ve written rather extensively on SwiftUI, on SwiftUI application architectures, and on issues and hidden gotchas that have developed from creating applications using SwiftUI.

This a handy reference guide to them all.

Note that articles marked with an asterisk (*) are recommended reading.

I also consider to be required reading if you’re serious about SwiftUI application development.

Flutter is a cool technology, but it‘s not going to fly. Here’s why.

Penguins, Gold Coast QLD, Australia — Josh Withers via Unsplash
Penguins, Gold Coast QLD, Australia — Josh Withers via Unsplash
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I’ve noticed quite a few articles recently promoting as the “next big thing.” Several have even explained in detail how Flutter is going to replace as the leading cross-platform technology of choice.

It’s not.

I’ve stuck my toes into Flutter’s clear but cold waters, and in my opinion, it suffers from several critical issues.

Note that this article has generated a lot of passionate comments from the Flutter community, both pro and con. I strongly suggest you read the article and then read the comments section below for points and counter-points.

It’s Not React Native

You can’t discuss cross-platform technologies without discussing React Native. …


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