Apple’s New MacBook Pro is the most amazing notebook I’m not going to buy.

I just watched Tim Cook’s announcement and thought the new 15" MacBook Pro’s looked amazing.

Unfortunately, I won’t be ordering one.

I’m an iOS app developer and, like many here in my organization, I use my late-2013 15" Retina MBP for my primary computer, usually hooked up to a 34" wide-screen monitor.

So I’m a developer. That means I need to run Xcode, Mail, Messages, Calendar and Slack and Terminal and Remote Desktop. I run SourceTree and Photoshop and Word and Excel. I have a dozen Mission Control spaces in which I keep open many, many, many Safari windows and tabs.

Not to mention my occasional need to run custom Linux and Windows Server test environments in VMWare.

So what’s my problem? Lack of RAM. I’m forever running out of space on my 16GB machine. I reboot at least once every 3–4 days.

Which means that I’ve been desparately waiting for Apple to update the MacBook Pro and bring it up to current hardware standards.

But the new MBP, like its 2013 predecessor, is available in a single 16GB RAM configuration only… and that’s simply not enough.

Alas, that leaves me with few reasonable options. I can’t (won’t) go the Mac Pro route, as that machine has also languished on the vine for the past three years. Nor does the iMac suffice, since I need to take my computer and my build environments and all of my tools and documents with me from home to the office to our clients.

That’s why I opted for a notebook computer in the first place.

So I, and the others here that buy equipment based on my hardware recommendations, are going to sit this round out.

Yep, the new machine is smaller and lighter and faster. The Touch Bar looks amazing. Touch ID integration? About time. Thunderbolt 3? Nice.

But I simply can’t justify buying new hardware that’s just as hobbled and limited as the equipment we’re currently using.

So my team and I have waited three years.

I guess we can wait a while longer.

Too bad. Looks like a sweet machine.