Probably all humans will be considered relatively ‘unskilled or semi-skilled' in a few decades.
Steven van den Tol

Like your thoughts, but many of them, I’m afraid, are not going to come easily.

Many in the US already have an extremely strong bias against anything that smacks of socialism or income-redistribution. Especially when someone else appears to get money or benefits that they don’t “deserve”.

And we’ve seen that those who have money and the power that comes with it often use that power to ensure that they get an ever larger piece of the pie. Cut income taxes! Cut the corporate income tax rate. Repeal dividend taxes. Repeal the “death” tax. Repeal the ACA. Cut Medicare (and it’s associated tax burden on business). Cut Social Security (likewise).

Which leaves what income to distribute, exactly?

Much as I’d love to see the everyone-has-what-they-need Star Trek utopian future come to pass, I’m extremely afraid we’re going to end up in an Elysian future where the top 0.1% live in luxury and everyone else fights for the scraps and leftovers…

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