Did Obamacare Save Your Life?
Kiera Butler

The chairman of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN), warned last week it could take years before a full repeal and replace plan is implemented for the ACA.

But I’m worried that all of the attention on the ACA is just GOP misdirection.

Back in the spring Trump unequivocally stated said he wouldn’t touch Medicare or Social Security. But his new transition website indicates he’s leaning towards supporting Paul Ryan’s 10-Year Medicare Phaseout plan.

The site discusses Medicare “Modernization” (e.g. privatization) and Medical “Flexibility” (which means block grants to states that they can spend on health services or roads or whatever else they choose).

Soon, if Ryan and the GOP elite has it’s way, you won’t have Medicare.

Instead, you’ll get a “premium-support payment” — i.e., a check that will allow you to buy insurance from private insurers. The “support” in the phrase means it won’t cover the whole amount.

I would strongly suggest that you call (no email, no tweets, call) your GOP Congressman’s local office and tell him or her in no uncertain terms that if you hear about Medicare “reform”, if you hear the words “privatization” or “phaseout” or “10-years”, and especially if you hear the words “voucher” or “coupon”…

If you hear ANY of those things, you’ll do your absolute best to vote him and all of his brethren out and onto the street.

On the flip side, call your Democratic Senator and Representatives and tell them to block these changes at all costs.

The plan is to push Medicare “reform” through the legislative process before any resistance or opposition has a chance to build. While we lack focus.

So call your Senator and your Congressman. Do it today.

We don’t have much time.

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