You’re fired!
Tamar Salibian

While HRC is not my perfect candidate, she, at least, has served her country for years and understands how government works.

Unlike Trump, who seems to think that he’ll be able to run the US just like he runs his yes-man sycophants in his many (failing) corporations.

And unlike, say, Jill Stein. Take one of her primary platform planks like eliminating all student loan debt. Admirable, except she can’t do it the way she describes (monetary easing) and can’t tell the Fed to do it in the first place (Fed doesn’t take orders from the executive branch).

And even if she could do so, she definitely doesn’t seem to understand the consequences of simply telling the Treasury to simply print an extra trillion dollars and throw it into the economy.

(Hint: Think runaway inflation, and why it currently takes 8,548 Italian Lira to buy a loaf of bread.)

Gary Johnson isn’t much better, as his idea to completely repeal individual and corporate income taxes and replace them with a national sales tax is equally well thought out (i.e. just as bad).

It doesn’t eliminate bureaucracy, is massively regressive, doesn’t work out to be “simple” in practice, and his 23% suggested rate most definitely isn’t revenue neutral. (Brookings estimates that to match current revenues you’d need a 60% sales tax.)

So while there are in fact two main candidates, and two alternative candidates, three of them are non-starters.

For better or worse, I’m with her.