I’ve Seen The Future. It Looks Like Appalachia.
Travis Lowe

While I’m a firm believer in being as self-sufficient as possible, as well as seeking (when possible) to source locally, I’m not sure I’m comfortable with the tone of your article.

Fundamentally, in your article you seem to present the self-sufficent small town “hillbilly” mentallity as somehow being fundamentally opposite of the idea of a Universal Basic Income.

But as other have mentioned, such a thing doesn’t preclude innovation, or seeking to find meaning and identity. In fact such a thing could form the base for entrepreneurial endeavors.

It’s difficult to have the time to develop an art or craft or business if you have to spend it scrambling for basic neccesities.

Further, I doubt everyone is going to be able to locally source medicines and treatments, which is where other ideas like access to Universal Healtcare come into play.

Some people, it’s true, may be content to sit back “on the draw” and watch sportball athletes from colleges they never attended hitting those field runs...

But others, be they artists, writers, craftsmen,makers or providers, can and will use the money the government is investing in them to do more, and be more.

And its those funds, spent locally, that could indeed restore the idea and feasibility of “small town America”.

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