I stopped reading at fossil fuels are dead.

You should have kept on reading. That’s not my opinion, but the opinion of a CEO of a major US railroad company that currently hauls some 800,000 carloads of coal a year.

When he’s explaining to his shareholders why CSX isn’t going to invest any more money on equipment to haul coal, I have to assume that he’s making an informed decision and that he knows what he’s talking about.

To be fair, however, this is a US CEO talking to his US investors about his railroad business here in the US. Conditions elsewhere in the world may vary.

Are we still discussing coal, or all fossil fuels? And are your comments targeted towards the “poor” in other, developing countries, or are you referring to the people in the US (Appalachia, etc.) who’re now out of work due to coal’s declining viability in the marketplace?

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