I am talking about the poor all over the world who have low electricity prices due to fossil fuels.

Your original comments were in regard to coal: “We can ship coal to Europe. Coal isn’t totally dead. Plus when solar and wind fail we have coal as a backup…coal is still viable.”

But coal, like whale oil and kerosene lamps, is on the way out.

That’s happening here in the US (re: declining demand for coal, the comments by CSX’s CEO, etc.).

That’s happening in China: “China is canceling plans to build more than 100 coal-fired power plants, seeking to rein in runaway, wasteful investment in the sector while moving the country away from one of the dirtiest forms of electricity generation, the government announced in a directive made public this week.”

That’s happening in India: “The transformation of India’s electricity market continues to deliver, as shown this month by the cancellation of 13.7 gigawatts of proposed coal-fired power plants, an admission that 8.6 gigawatts of operating coal is already non-viable, and the parallel move of ever-decreasing solar costs helped along by the country’s record low solar tariffs.”

And in Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philllipines, and more:

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