Michael- thank for your thoughts.
Tom Price

I read “Peak Stuff” when it came out, and my sense is that you are factually correct, although I believe (purely intuitively) that this is less a social shift than a technological one — the “decluttering” ant riding the iPhone elephant. As this article here points out, much of our industry only exists to fix problems caused by other industries. The automobile industry makes the oil industry, the auto-insurance industry, and a lot of the health-care industry necessary. As automobile technology improves, all those follow-on industries shrink.

I wonder how many airline flights are made unnecessary by Skype and similar technologies in a year. A million? Ten million?

Digital cameras killed film, and then phones killed cameras. How many people own a camera? A flashlight? A pager? When drones deliver every imaginable good in minutes, how much smaller can houses be, without garages, closets, or kitchens?

The world is going to be cool.

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