What To Do If a Trans Person Enters the Bathroom
The Nib

I wonder if the artist and people who say stuff like this are genuinely ignorant of other people’s concerns, or they are maliciously mischaracterizing them.

The people who are objecting to allowing transsexuals in bathrooms are not objecting to transsexuals in bathrooms — that isn’t the problem.

There are probably 30,000 transsexuals in the US. That is comparable to the number of professional athletes. When was the last time you ran into A-Rod in the restroom?

The problem is there are millions of perverts and weirdos who would like nothing better than to hang around women’s locker-rooms and under the usual formulation of these laws, there is no way to exclude them.

Look at “support animals”. Laws and regulations require that landlords, employers, and shopkeepers allow any animal designated a service animal onto their property. The laws and regulations were intended for guide dogs for the blind and such, but were written more generally. As a result, you see turkeys on airlines, ponies in third-floor apartments, pythons in movie theaters. Landlords, tired of replacing carpeting ruined by ill-trained pets, excused from a pet deposit by a letter generated by one of the permit-mills that has sprung up,

This case is noticeably worse. There is no “test” for transsexuality, no certifying board, no doctor’s note. If a unshaven guy in a raincoat wants to hang around the women’s showers at your gym, you don’t have any way to dispute his claim that he is a “woman on the inside”.

Does Ms Sayers, the cartoonist, realize all this? I hope not. I hope she is just thoughtless or stupid.

Because the alternative is rather worse. The alternative is that she understands the legitimate concerns of the majority of Americans but chooses to slander them, out of callousness and malice.

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