My Dad Was a Successful Republican Businessman Who Worked Himself to Death…and Guess What, He…
Laura Borgendale

I would think anyone who believes in following the rules, in playing fair, in respecting other people — in short, anyone with a scrap of human decency — would find it impossible to support either candidate in this election. A set of nightmare twins, broken free from a Frank Miller comic: corrupt, venal, callous. Americans are embarrassed that our country produced them at all, let alone that they now vie to lead us.

Once in a while, I run into someone who volubly supports one or the other. I ask that person, how can you?

The answer is invariably the same: my partisan friend has imagined some tissue-thin difference between the two, some way that their candidate is minutely less offensive than the other.

Well, differences exist. I have heard that pancreatic cancer is worse than colon cancer. One could argue that Osama bin Laden was worse than Timothy McVeigh. Those minor differences don’t elevate either to the status of “good” or “desirable” or even anything better than “reprehensible”.

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