Fathers: maybe stop mentioning your daughters to earn credibility on women’s issues
joe larson

I’m trying to be nice about this, but you’re being foolish. Many people give personal reasons for why they hold particular positions. Jumping from that statement to “Oh, if you didn’t have the experience, you wouldn’t hold that position” is beneath ridiculous.

“I served in Afghanistan and I oppose the Administration’s position.”

“And if you hadn’t been there, you’d be pro-war? Huh? Huh?”

See? Pure foolishness.

But that is positively Socrates compared to your next gem:

But you really can’t establish credibility this easily. Because too many men have been dismissers or interrupters or sexist joke tellers or creepers or harassers or assaulters or any number of other things.

So, you believe that because one member of a group has offended in some way, other members are automatically held to a higher standard.

Tell me, Joe, how do you feel about Muslims? What does each Muslim have to do to acquit himself of terrorism in your eyes?