So your he-man woman-haters’ club doesn’t allow any men who are women’s allies?
Jenni R.

It’s not a woman-haters’ club. It’s a man-hater-hater club. Or, since I really don’t approve of such negativity, a man-hater-disagree-er-with club.

I mean, there is no natural dichotomy here, right? You can oppose hatred towards blacks without espousing hatred of whites? I don’t favor attacks on the Kurds any more than I call for attacks on Arabs.

The OP was apparently attacked by a man or a group of men, and that’s a tragedy for her and for the people who love her and for the idea of a just world.

But her poem was taken to mean — possibly wrongly — that she believed the violence visited on her was characteristic of men, that it was part of them the way an XY chromosome pair is, and that men, qua men, are to blame for those crimes.

No, being a victim does not give you license to be a victimizer.

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