Clinton’s Anne Hathaway Problem
Emma Lindsay

Maybe women have trouble expressing themselves honestly because they feel they have to defend Hillary all the time, and they lose the habit of candor.

Nobody who hates Hillary (and it’s a pretty big chunk of the population, to judge by the cretin they preferred to her) is vague or unclear about the reasons.

  • her endless criminality — from her early days of illegal commodity trading and influence peddling in Arkansas to her recent career of tax-evasion, mishandling classified material, and influence peddling worldwide, Hillary never seems to go more than a few months without breaking the law in a major and obvious way.
  • her frustrating incompetence — except for peddling influence and evading indictment, she doesn’t seem to be good at anything. When she was First Lady, a pretty easy job to do well if you think about it, her only foray into public policy was a train-wreck of a health-care reform plan. The rest of the time she seemed to spend obstructing justice in very obvious ways. Mindbogglingly, remember that John Kerry was a better Secretary of State.
  • her smugness and hypocrisy—her husband’s most salient vice was the way he couldn’t keep his hands off the office help, but he got away with it largely because he managed to project that “yes, I’m a horndog, ain’t it great” attitude. Hillary’s stock in trade is nothing but trumpeting her own non-existent virtue. When Trump was (falsely, apparently) accused of sexual harassment, Hillary gave a speech about how important it was to “believe rape victims”. Needless to say, Troll Trump made sure that women who had accused Mr. Clinton of rape showed up wherever Mrs. Clinton did, and holding signs quoted that motto, “believe rape victims”.

Indeed, what is there to like about her? She is a center-left politico who lacks any perceptible charm or charisma. She had a low-energy demeanor and an ethical flexibility that both suggest a lack of any moral center. If it weren’t for her popularity in a few large coastal cities, she wouldn’t exist politically.

Let her go. There are dozens, if not hundreds of elected female Democrats, any one of whom would have made a better candidate and a better president.

And if you are looking for a likable female celebrity, may I recommend Jennifer Lawrence — immensely talented, unarguably lovely, and widely beloved. My favorite story about her is one she told herself, and it’s particular charming if you contrast it with how Hillary would have behaved in the same situation.

Lawrence was washing her hands in the restroom of an LA restaurant when the woman at the next sink confided, “I heard that Jennifer Lawrence is eating here!”

Lawrence had just cut her hair quite short, apparently rendering her unrecognizable. “Really?”

“I hate Jennifer Lawrence!” said the woman.

“I hate her too,” agreed Lawrence haplessly. “She’s such a bitch.”

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