Ah, yes, of course.
Matt Krebsbach

Of course my employer makes a profit on the salary it pays me. Why would they pay me otherwise?

Of course there are scores — millions — of other engineers, and the day one of them can do my job better than I can for less than I am demanding, it won’t be my job, it will be his job. Which is as it should be.

I shop at Safeway, but if Andronico’s offered me food I preferred at a lower price, I would switch, and I wouldn’t feel bad about it for a second. I ride a Cannondale bike, but if I decide my next bike should be a Trek, I will certainly buy that brand, without a word of apology to the Cannondale people.

This is the way the world works. If you prefer to pay higher prices for inferior products and services, be my guest, but don’t be shocked that most people don’t share your sense of pointless generosity.

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