The sorting system is broken because of gamification strategies that his son employed.
Dustin Briscoe

There are voting rings in Stackoverflow? That’s just sad.

I have a total reputation of 38,000 over the various Stack Exchange sites and I am very proud of it, because it represents real help I provided to real human beings. Faking it in some way would completely defeat the point. It would be like awarding yourself the Nobel Prize: you don’t get any money, and you certainly don’t get any respect. All you have done is highlight the things you don’t deserve.

I once got an package from the English.SE, with a cover letter thanking me for my participation. The letter was deliberately riddled with typos and misspellings, which had been corrected “by hand”. There was also a t-shirt emblazoned with the URL, which I thought was taking the “everybody makes misteaks” theme a little too far.

Another t-shirt, with the correct URL, arrived in the mail a week later, accompanied by a sheepish, and carefully proof-read, apology.

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