School Isn’t Uber And Never Should Be
Shanna Peeples

Yeah, every business that wants a subsidy has some explanation why their business is “different”.

No, teachers, doctors, oilmen, firemen, farmers. No, your businesses are not different. You provide goods and services to customers and that’s all.

Some of you have successfully managed to implant your operatives in government — and your memes in the popular imagination — so that you claims of “difference” don’t sound as hollow as they actually are.

We don’t need government-funded schools any more than we need government-funded movie theaters, government-funded theme parks, or government-funded bars. Either each one of these establishments can sell their services to willing customers for a high-enough price that they can turn a profit — or they can go out of business and leave their customers, their employees, and their capital for another entrepreneur who can.

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