I dispute the “millions of perverts and weirdos.”
Kathy Davies

You dispute my claim… based on what? Do you think there is some shortage of sex-offenders?

You write, “Lets imagine for minute what this law would look like in action: A woman walks into the mens bathroom.”

No, let’s imagine it differently. A man walks into the woman’s locker-room at the gym. You cannot ask him to leave. It is not even clear that leaving yourself wouldn’t be cause to have your gym membership terminated.

Are you OK with that scenario? Just some guy watching you shower?

If you are OK with it, then we’re done. That’s pretty much inevitable given the proposed legal changes. I’m sure worse things will also happen, but if you’ll accept the shower thing, you’ll accept those too.

If you are not OK with it, if you don’t like naked men watching you shower and change, then I have to ask, what are you planning to do about it?

This situation as it exists today is terrible for the microscopic minority of people who feel themselves not to belong to their biological sex, but cannot fake the appearance of their adopted sex convincingly enough to avoid causing consternation in restrooms. There are probably thousands of people like that in the whole country, but not tens of thousands. But it is not as if there is a preferable alternative.

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