Practice Kindness Daily

Uplifting those around you will automatically lift your spirit and elevate your state of mind to a new level of existence. Small daily acts like letting someone take off on a wave before you, the gift of a compliment or the warmth of a smile, can breathe new life into someone who might not be feeling his or her true spirit in that moment.

By raising the emotional level of those around you in a positive light, a wave of energy is released into the universe returning as positive karmic energy for yourself and others. Initiating this cycle will uplift your spirit to a new level of existence and awareness.

Practicing kindness not only to others but to yourself is a bargain you need to keep. Remember that situation where you didn’t quite stand up properly on the wave, or you didn’t get that dream job you wanted, or you didn’t quite get the review you wanted for your article. Being kind to yourself and accepting situations and events as they are in that moment, allows yourself to transcend the dissatisfaction of not achieving your goals.

With renewed vigor and an appetite for living you are able to move past old disappointments and into a better space for every day living. Be kind to yourself and others. Feel your self-appreciation and worth grow proportionally. Begin today!

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