Throwing out the old to welcome in the new — Creative Writing Ramble 5/28/2017

This is a 15-minute creative writing ramble by Michael Luchies. I enter each session with a blank slate and free of distractions. The first thought that comes to mind is what I run with for 15 minutes with few edits.

I’m staring at this gigantic 50+ inch flat screen television thinking about how much has changed over the past twenty years when it comes to technology. Well, much has changed outside of technology as well, it’s just easier to grasp the concept of change through technology because nothing seems to change in such a tangible way as fast as technology.

For example, just look at TVs. Right now in my basement, there is a 30-inch television that was once the best you could buy. It’s a “flat screen” but weighs well over 50 pounds and has at least three feet worth of circuit boards, cords, and outdated technology behind the screen. The only reason it’s still in my basement is because of how damn heavy it is. I want to get rid of it, but something has stood in the way of me doing what I know should be done.

In the case of my heavy TV, what’s standing in my way is the weight of the old television and my lack of strength. But what’s stopping us from throwing out other things that we know we should?

Now I don’t want to go down a political or religious rabbit hole, but we all hold onto beliefs like we do an old piece of technology we’re still refusing to take out to the trash. Whether it’s because of intentionally trying to ignore the truth, being lazy, or having a strong emotional attachment to it, refusing to get rid of items (both physical and emotional) that have outstayed their welcome damage us, the people around us, our communities, and the world.

Wars, societal issues all seem to come from the inability to move on when it’s clear that something should be done to everyone else except for a misguided person or group of people. Just because racism was alive and well for thousands of years, doesn’t mean that it should’ve stayed. Yet, there were many people who were too stubborn and benefited from it too much to take that old television out to the trash.

I don’t think I’ll change the world by taking my wife’s old heavy TV out to the curb, but I might by losing some of the other thoughts and beliefs that are no longer worth holding onto.

What about you? What’s something in your house or in your mind that’s no longer worth holding onto?

Keep in mind that to change and move forward, we have to let go. To turn my basement into a decent man cave I can be proud of, I need to replace that stupid television.