Is the new update at Xorn only to keep track of your own accounts? OFC NOT!

So, there it is, a new update at Officially, it’s there to keep track of multiple own accounts on, but as always, only our thoughts are limiting what the use case is. So what else can we do with today’s update and can a (the XORN) trading bot gain a benefit and strategy from it? Guess what. Yes!

1. Preparations

Initially, the new feature only works with your own free account. So far, you probably have used the demo account that can be seen in the login mask. Now it’s time to create your own account, as everyone has their own set of accounts that shall be added and traced. To do this you go to the platform’s website and look at the top right to see if you can see the tab “register” (if you are still logged in with the demo account, press log out first). Now press on the “register” Button on the landing page and enter your E-Mail address and a password of your choice. Then press Submit. You should receive an email after a few seconds to unlock your own account.

2. Add accounts to the watchlist

Now log in to your account. You now should have, next to the sign-out rider, also a new tab named Profiles. Click on this new menu item. On this site, you enter under “Bitshare names” the “account names” of promising traders (at least in your eyes). Please make sure that you pay attention that CB-Usernames are case sensitive account names. The private key (API) is only needed if it is your account and you want to act and trade with it. The link with your private key will add features like stop-loss trading and more to CB, but that’s not the point here and we will make an own article for it. After you have entered the names of the accounts you want to follow and have entered your current password that you have specified when registering, press “save”. Now you leave the settings via the button top left “Close Settings”.

3. Display of balances

In the upper left, you have the rider Exchange and Trades next to the new rider Balances. Click on this new tab. You should now see the existing coins of the accounts you added earlier. Sure, it’s nice to know the balances of all your accounts and which account balances are available, but the added value of spying and following other users should not be underestimated.

4. How does that help a bot?

Of course, a trading bot where the trading strategy is to follow successful traders’ trades can make wonderful use of this data. So, it’s not just the nice new interface for you as a user, it’s also a development step, for a possible trading strategy with the XORN trading bot!