What a true American original and beauty she is !

Born out of desperation and chaos, she has risen to status attained by very few.

Presidents of The United States quote her words of wisdom, seek her counsel & desire her presence though they are the most powerful men in the world.

She commands the respect of citizens throughout the world. Leaders of other nations often comment on her uniqueness and commend her for all the good she does for the American people on a daily basis.

Yet, with all of these accolades, she remains a humble woman. Like most ladies, she desires a little attention and a little recognition. Give her these small requests and she will continue being the American treasure that she truly is.

Sadly, with all that she has done and accomplished — — -many Americans have forgotten about her. They do not recognize her greatness. They take her for granted and only call on her when they need something from her. And that is a shame.

We are lucky to have her………