How the Universe Manifests from Consciousness

Photo Credit: Tanja Mamas

Fundamental to the understanding of the nature of life and existence is something called the unified field. Einstein first had the idea of the unified field from a physics perspective, when he realized there must be one field that united all forces at work in the universe (such as general relativity and electromagnetism) and from which all particles were birthed. Modern physicists have been searching for this formula ever since.

It is very interesting that a number of modern physicists have said that the more they study the unified field, the more they come to realize that it is a field of Consciousness. All the qualities of the unified field are, in fact, just the qualities of Consciousness itself. This is really interesting because the ancient Seers and Rishis have been saying as much for thousands of years.

Let’s take a look at this unified field and see what we can learn from it. Let’s also see how the whole universe is derived from it.

To start, we have Consciousness. The nature of Consciousness is that it is conscious. Before this universe was even in existence, when all that existed was an unbounded field of pure Consciousness, what could Consciousness become aware of? Itself.

So, Consciousness became conscious of itself and perceived it as other, like doing a double take. It’s like catching your reflection in the bathroom mirror and momentarily thinking there are two people in the room. Consciousness does the same thing. In that way, duality is born out of Oneness.

Consciousness becomes aware of this duality, and a third thing is born. Becoming aware of three things, a fourth thing is born, and this self-interacting dynamic of Consciousness continues, cascading out to infinity.

This creates a structure that, in Western physics terms, is called the quantum mechanical realm. Why? Because you have quanta, or units (1, 2, 3, etc.), there is a mechanic to it, and it’s a realm, level, at the underlying basis of all existence. In the East, this underlying structure is called the Veda.

Regardless of what we call it, this self-interacting dynamic of Consciousness is lively, dynamic, and interactive. It is the fundamental building block of all life and existence. It is the source of all that is.

Imagine visualizing this structure geometrically. It would appear similar to the image in a kaleidoscope, but multidimensional and far more complex. It’s easy to imagine there are a myriad of identifiable patterns within this structure. Each pattern accounts for everything in that structure. So the image in the kaleidoscope is a little like a picture composed of a number of dots that you may see in the back of an airline magazine. Viewed one way, it’s a Dalmatian, viewed another, it’s a man sitting on a bench. Similarly, different patterns can be identified within the structure of existence. Each pattern is another facet of the multiple faceted nature of life and existence. Each pattern describes the structure of the universe in its own terms. Modern physics represent one example. The yin and yang theory another. They are each representing a unique pattern that describes the structure of existence.

The implications are vast. Each pattern within the structure of existence embodies specific laws of nature. In other words, these patterns are not simply ways of viewing the structure — they are pathways along which nature functions. A technology can be developed for each of these pathways. For example, Newton identified a pathway (pattern) within the structure of existence. It is called classical physics. Today’s technologies are based upon that pattern. As we recognize additional patterns and their corresponding technologies, many doors open. The possibilities are endless.

Dr. Michael Mamas is the founder of The Center of Rational Spirituality, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the betterment of humanity through the integration of ancient spiritual wisdom with modern rational thought. From personal issues to global trends, Dr. Michael Mamas helps individuals and organizations develop a deeper understanding and more comprehensive outlook by providing a ‘bridge’ between the abstract and concrete, the Eastern and Western, and the ancient and modern. Dr. Michael Mamas has been teaching for 35 years (including in the U.S., India, Europe, and Canada) and writes on a variety of subjects on his blogs, and