How to Purify the Global Vibration

“Akash” is an ancient Sanskrit term that means space or atmosphere. It is considered the finest level of existence. It is like a canvas upon which all of creation is painted. You can feel into the Akash by ringing a bell and allowing the sound to dissipate out into silence. That silence contains within it a feeling. What you are feeling is the Akash in an undisturbed state. The Akash can take on various qualities. For example, the atmosphere in a smoke-filled stale old bar has one feeling. The atmosphere in a church is quite different. There’s also a feeling to the atmosphere in a pristine hidden valley, on a fine summer morning. The quality held in the Akash can even be seen in the atmosphere, either a fine blue sky day or a pollution-ridden industrial environment. Our entire planet is permeated with the Akash.

Needless to say, the quality of the Akash has a profound effect on the health of all the plants and animals. It affects our health as well as our psychological state. Clearly, the Akash (space) is not nothing. It has a quality. It has a texture and a feeling. The ancient sages were adamant that the quality of the Akash determines the mental state of humanity. The Akash holds different vibrations. Some vibrations are healthy and others are not. When the vibrations agitate the Akash, wars ensue. When the vibrations in the Akash are harmonious, humanity will live in peace. By permeating the Akash with healthy vibrations, it is purified. Even the sound of ringing bells can help to purify the Akash.

It is ironic to think that humanity strives to bring world peace through imposition of philosophies and laws. Such philosophies and laws have a negligible effect on the Akash. Conversely, by purifying the Akash, such philosophies and laws take on only a secondary importance. Of course, it is worthwhile to strive to clean the atmosphere on superficial levels through sanitation and pollution control. However, the deeper, more subtle technologies are of greater importance.

The atmosphere around grammar schools and even universities illustrates the powerful effect of group consciousness upon the Akash. There is a wonderful feeling outside of grammar schools. When I would pick up my children after school, I would always make a point of getting there at least 15 minutes early just to feel the atmosphere. Similarly, I love to walk through college campus ovals because the atmosphere is so stimulating. Holy men in India have said that there are hidden valleys in the Himalayas where the Akash is so pure that people can attain enlightenment simply by living there.

Ancient Vedic scriptures provide technologies to purify the Akash. To sit in a temple while such technologies (ceremonies) are being performed is to appreciate their efficacy. Similarly, to sit in a room with a large number of people meditating is to experience another technology to purify the Akash.

You can do your part by learning to meditate. This will not only refine your own awareness, but will radiate that influence to your environment. Needless to say, staying out of smoke-filled bars and maintaining a tidy home will help. But never forget that the deeper the technology, the more powerful the technology, and the deepest technology is proper meditation.

The next significant level of impact we can have on improving the Akash, is by structuring our personal and collective lives in ways that support a positive, healthy atmosphere. I’ve been discovering how to effectively implement such approaches on a greater level at Mount Soma, a community I’m developing in the mountains of North Carolina. Here, I started a community called Mount Soma, where the various technologies prescribed by the numerous Sages are performed daily. The first technology is a specific form of meditation called the Surya Ram Meditation. To appreciate its beautiful and powerful effect on the Akash, one only needs to sit quietly in a room where the meditation is being practiced. A palpable serenity permeates the space, the Akash. Even people who know nothing of the technology (workers and people who just walk through Mount Soma casually) have often commented about the profound level of peace and purity they feel in the area.

Still another technology is Vastu architecture. As prescribed by the ancient Sages, homes and buildings at Mount Soma are constructed in a manner that resonates (harmonizes) with the Akash. It is as if every structure acts as a tuning fork, bringing the environment, the Akash, into harmony with nature.

Other technologies are referred to as Pujas, Havans, and Vedic recitation. At first glance, they may just appear to be typical ceremonies. However, they are precisely prescribed methodologies designated by the ancient Sages with a specific purpose of enlivening, purifying, and harmonizing the Akash.

The precision and accuracy with which these ceremonies must be performed cannot be overstated. It is similar to trying to tune into a radio station. If the dial is just slightly off, the result is the signal is unclear, there is static, and the content cuts in and out. Similarly, if any of the procedures in the ceremonies are even slightly off, the effectiveness is greatly compromised. Unfortunately, in today’s world, these procedures are commonly not followed with the required precision, so their effectiveness is seriously undermined. To be at Mount Soma where these technologies are performed in the correct manner is to feel their effectiveness without question. My hope is that Mount Soma can both be a powerful force in purifying global Akash, and offer inspiration and guidance to others seeking to make greater impact on the well-being of humanity.

Even though the effect of these technologies is immediately palpable, the Sages have indicated that it takes time for them to radiate out and permeate the entire world. Nevertheless, the idea is compelling. Just imagine a technology that can purify the atmosphere and any agitation or imbalance in the awareness of humanity. Could world peace be a matter of simply purifying the Akash? The ancient Sages certainly responded to that question with a resounding, “Yes!”

Michael Mamas is the founder of The Center of Rational Spirituality, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the betterment of humanity through the integration of ancient spiritual wisdom with modern rational thought. Michael Mamas helps individuals and organizations develop a deeper understanding and more comprehensive outlook by providing a ‘bridge’ between the abstract and concrete, the Eastern and Western, and the ancient and modern. Dr. Mamas writes on a variety of subjects on his blog, Follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+.