Put Yourself in an Environment Where You Can Evolve

Photo Credit: Tanja Mamas

If our life was a plate of food, we have a tendency to keep loading that plate with more food until the plate is full and overflowing. As a result, we get tired and drain our physiology. So, it’s good to create a lifestyle that feeds you and that’s at least reasonably comfortable. Proper rest and proper activity results in rapid evolution.

The relative world, what most people call life, is very seductive and very sticky. It is astounding to see how stuck people get in their life: a job, family, goals, what have you… to the point where you lose sense of your own true Self. Who it is and what it is you truly are. The whole thing is so tantalizing.

It has become such a habit, that people have a hard time just being with the Self, just sitting with the Self. Even meditation. What could be simpler? But it can be hard for people because they are so addicted to having to be distracted by some thing, some activity. Just to sit there with the Self, “Oh my God, I can’t stand it.” The path of human evolution is called the razor’s edge mainly because it is so hard to just sit down and meditate. And, when you do, there is a tendency to at least make the meditation entertaining somehow. Let’s tweak it this way, tweak it that way… let’s do this, maybe burn a candle, who knows what. There are all sorts of crazy meditations designed to just to engage the mind, to keep it distracted.

This is called the age of ignorance. It is the age where people ignore their true nature. They are just too distracted by the surface. What that does is it creates a lot of pressure. Look at all the pressure in your life, look at all the pressure in the world at large — a lot of pressure is created. So, you might think this is the worst time to evolve. But actually, as it is said in the Veda, this age, when the world is like this, is the best time to evolve, if you are willing to do it. Because with all that pressure, it’s like what happens with a watermelon seed. A lot of pressure and “boom” — spit that watermelon seed out and it goes flying. So, your evolution can fly. It can really take off. This is the age when you can evolve most rapidly. But you have to live your life wisely. Otherwise, you just get distracted and caught up and chewed up by all that pressure.

I said in one of my lectures, “Look to that which is beyond thought and beyond emotion.” I will never forget it.

One person put up her hand and said, “What else is there?” It was such a shock to me.

“What else is there?” I said, “Well, what else there is, is the grandeur of who it is and what it is you truly are…your being…the place where you and God are one, where you are God. That’s what I’m saying. Integrate your thoughts and your emotions with that. Function from that place. Aspire to that.”

Put the horse before the cart. Established in being, perform action. Get enlightened, and then deal with the world. Don’t get lost to the distraction in the world without first having some sense of your Self. That’s the idea.

Now, we have practical considerations. We have to eat and sleep. We need a room, etc., and so you tend to that. But, you tend to it while keeping your priorities straight. Number one priority: Put yourself in an environment where you can evolve. Number two priority: Tend to food, tend to a place to sleep, etc. Money is a nice thing, etc. And work with that, but not at the cost of your own evolution. In fact, if you want to look at it in those terms, do it in the name of your evolution. The best thing you can do for your family and your kids is to evolve yourself. Function as a guiding light for them. Even if people don’t recognize it, even if they don’t acknowledge it, we all sense divinity. We may not even use the word. It may not be part of our belief system. But we feel it and we appreciate it. It resonates with that place of divinity that dwells deep within us, if we use that word or not. Do not sell yourself to anything or anyone.

In sleep, when you rest, you throw off some superficial stresses, and you feel refreshed. In meditation, the rest you get throws off the deepest stresses in the physiology. Really, evolution is about stress release. If all the stresses and strains are released from the physiology, you are done. You are enlightened. You attain the goal. The correlate to all of your conditioning and programming is stress: stress in the physiology, stress in the nervous system. Isn’t it ironic that what we cling to as our truth is largely our stuff? It is our conditioning, our programming, our indoctrination.

I give you tools to use, but not to abuse. And certainly, not to use in a way that abuses you. These are tools to facilitate your own awakening. And they are just tools. The knowledge that I give is not the goal. The shovels and the pitchforks are what you use to dig for the gold. However, the gold dwells deep within you. The teachings are just catalysts to facilitate your awakening to the gold, the divinity that you truly are. It is a precious knowledge, it is a sacred knowledge, but it is not the gold.

The closer the iron filings are to the magnet, the stronger the pull. Everything cycles. By and large, we look at the overall direction and it is going up. We have our good days. We have our bad days. People are so much closer than they give themselves credit for. It’s just a hairline away. In fact, when you finally get enlightened, you will feel like you always were enlightened. You just didn’t quite see it You didn’t quite get it. It’s that close. You think God is far away. God is not far away. God is so close.

Michael Mamas is the founder of The Center of Rational Spirituality, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the betterment of humanity through the integration of ancient spiritual wisdom with modern rational thought. He provides a ‘bridge’ between the abstract and concrete, the Eastern and Western, and the ancient and modern. Michael Mamas has been teaching for 35 years and writes on a variety of subjects on his blogs, MichaelMamas.net, DrMichaelMamas.com, and RationalSpirituality.org.