The Fabric of Space

Michael Mamas
Dec 17, 2015 · 4 min read
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Your world is like a space constructed of fabric. Your behavior affects that fabric and everything that happens within that space. All too often, people relate to others based upon their own inner world with no regard for how they are affecting the space itself.

To really understand how you impact other people, you need to understand how you are impacting that fabric. Are you tugging at it? Are you twisting or trying to tear it? Are you being overly attentive and paranoid about it getting wrinkled or stained? Or do you have a good, healthy, broad-minded understanding of the dynamic at play in the environment as a whole?

There is a lot of freedom here. You can play with the whole thing in a manner that is consistent with your own nature. It’s merely a matter of simultaneously being respectful of the environment and the people within it.

The expansion of Knowledge has no end. I remember one day sitting in a temple listening to Vedic pandits chanting. It carried me to a new level of appreciation of the fabric of space (the Akasha). Interestingly, prior to that experience, if I heard someone describe that experience, I would have felt I knew what they were talking about. However, it was just a deeper experience of the fabric of space than I ever had before. Or perhaps it was just a new perspective on an experience I had many times before. Or perhaps those are two ways of describing the same thing. A deeper experience is just a new perspective. But could you have had that deeper experience earlier? Was your physiology refined enough to do so at an earlier time?

It was as if I was paying closer attention to something I had experienced many time before. Think of a chair you’ve sat in several times. Have you ever paid attention to its fabric? What does its texture feel like? You might have felt it before but never really paid it much attention. Once you pay attention to it in a new way, the appreciation deepens to the point that you find it hard to believe you had not really noticed it in that way earlier.

The chair metaphor is like so many things in your daily life, particularly if you are meditating and therefore becoming more perceptive on deeper levels of your being. A new experience seems so natural that you can’t help but feel you would have been able to experience it years earlier, if you just paid proper attention.

Experiencing the Fabric of Space, the Akasha, is like that. There is no end to the deepening of your experience of it as your physiology refines on deeper levels of your being. That is true of your experiences of everything, not just the Akasha. Yet finding the words to describe the difference does not seem possible. The words stay the same, they just take on a deeper more significant meaning.

The Akasha is everything. It is everywhere. The quality of the Akasha determines the quality of life. If the air is polluted, the quality of life suffers. The same is true of the Akasha, only more so.

Ring a bell and feel the room as the sound gives way to silence. Sit with that feeling of the enlivened silence. That is the feeling of the Akasha. If you ever have the chance to hear Vedic pandits chant, feel into that Akasha. Notice how the space, the Akasha, thrills with the sound. Notice how it awakens and purifies, how it shines like a glimmering crystal. Notice how it is full, crisp, clear and energized.

Living in such a space is like living in an environment where the air is entirely free of pollution. The benefits over time cannot be overstated. Now imagine a world where the Akasha is pure, clean, fresh, awakened, and alive. Vedic technology has the ability to purify the global Akasha. When the Akasha is cleared, there is no pollution. When the Akasha is cleared, world group consciousness is cleared. Ultimately, world peace and all good things then come to our planet. Group consciousness and the quality of the Akasha go hand in hand.

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