What’s just a little bit better?

What’s just a little bit better?

Starting a journey to become healthier isn’t win or lose, succeed or fail. It’s a continuum that you’re constantly moving forward on.

Picture yourself on a continuum from unhealthy to healthy. 
Now choose one of your daily habits and place it somewhere on that continuum. (we’ll say ordering a double double every morning on your way to work, and again at lunch time).

With the continuum in mind, think to yourself “what is a little bit better that I could do to move forward on the continuum?”

If your habit is the daily double double, move forward on the continuum by choosing a regular (single, single) coffee from now on, or, ditch the sugar in your coffee completely.

Strive to get 1% better every day. If you consistently strive for a little bit better, your choices will compound (think, savings $). You don’t need to drastically change everything at once, that’s usually not realistic or sustainable.

Choose one habit, starting today, or tomorrow. Think “what’s just a little bit better?” and commit to being consistent with that one habit.

Two weeks later and you’re still successfully ordering a regular coffee as opposed to your double double, pick a new habit to tackle, or better yet, start ordering your coffees black.

If you want, post your habit below to keep accountable!

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