Great work! Nice Process! #Comprehensive!
Jonathan James

Thanks for the feedback and questions Jonathan!

  1. I really like Affinity Designer, I think it can be used together with Sketch. Sketch is better for layout type stuff, but I much prefer Affinity Designer for making vector graphics.

2. I have since been working a lot of with GreenSock. If I could redo this, I would do it with GreenSock but still use SVGs. SVGs are harder to grasp “under the hood” but are a much better option since they can scale infinitely.

3. CSS Keyframes animations will work, but GreenSock is more stable across all browsers. With that being said, CSS animations is a good transition to starting to work with animations before introducing an external library. I am working on a video course that will cover everything about SVGs including possible animation techniques from keyframes to GreenSock to Anime.js.

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