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Thank you. There is no Democratic party that does not have at its core a very solid understanding of racial, gender, sexual and sexuality justice issues. Black women were there standing against Trump in incredible numbers when a lot of other people weren’t and if we abandon them as a party, I abandon this party. I really wish from the bottom of my heart instead of running around the country trying to to make the Democratic party more about the concerns of white folks he would spend some time listening to the people and groups who didn’t support him in the primary before and found his constant use of the word ghetto and reference to crime when being asked about black voters really troublesome. Not to mention his refusal to stand on courage against the NRA. Bernie aside — there is no Democratic party that I’m interested in that leaves behind the people Hillary brought into the tent in a bigger way for the very first time ever — so if that’s the way we decide to go — you can find me standing with the strong amazing African American women and everyone else who believes our difference makes us stronger and standing with those whose voices have RARELY been heard by this party.

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