Michael Matvieshen - Solar Energy as a Jobs Creator

Michael Matvieshen, CEO of Sunlogics Power, has been in the solar industry long enough to appreciate the strides it has made in the economy. Apart from providing cheaper and environmentally-friendly power to homes and businesses, the solar sector is also creating jobs in the economy. Mr. Matvieshen knows that with increased awareness of solar power’s potential, more jobs are in the offing for renewable energy professionals and enthusiasts.

Michael Matvieshen

A National Solar Jobs Census conducted in the United States shows that the solar industry employs more than 200,000 people. Since 2011, the industry has created more than 100,000 well-paying jobs, with the demand side of the business (sales, installation, project development) accounting for most of the jobs. Solar installation and development firms make up the bulk of companies in the industry.

Globally, the use of solar technology is rising as more governments are seeing the benefits of adopting renewable energy. Less reliance on fossil fuels is good for the environment, too. Solar experts are positive on the industry’s growth, and with wider adoption, more jobs will be added to the economy, thus helping nations meet their economic goals.

Breaking down the numbers shows that more than half of solar workers are concentrated in the residential sector, with commercial and utility-scale sectors making use of the remaining workers. Solar designers and sales reps are among the well-paid professionals in this industry, as are installers and assemblers.

Michael Matvieshen was the founder, former Chairman and CEO of Sunlogics PLC, which received a direct equity investment from General Motors Ventures Inc.